It's MEGA!

The results are in from the Megavalanche! in France and Sam Blekinsop has secured third place. That'll make his bosses at LaPierre very happy. Actually they'll be double happy as Sam's teammate Nico Vouilloz was second. The winner was Jerome Clementz.

Other New Zealand riders such as Kashi Leuchs and Cam Cole performed well for what is basically a couple of thousand riders hurling themselves down the side of a rocky mountain.

In the women's section the winner was Anne Caroline Chausson, followed by Emmeline Ragot and Meggie Bichard. It's worth noting that Anne Caroline's time would have placed her well within the top 20 men's this year!

On a personal note, my flu' virus is almost gone, a few more days off the bike and my lungs will be back on form and I'll be able to ride again next week.

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