The Girls Leading A Charge!

Charge from the UK, have a great range of bikes that stand out from the crowd, they also have a great team of riders who not only compete under the company name, they are also great brand champions and importantly, great cycling champions.

Have a look at the blogs from their team, Abi, Cunny, Gabby, Jon, Juliet, Posy, Sam and Tom.

What I really like is the passion all these riders have for cycling and their bikes and that comes across in their blogs. Not all of what they ride or write about is something I have much interest in, but I love reading what they have to say. It's clear these are passionate people. Also I'm really impressed that Charge have a good balance of male and female riders, as quite often female riders are pushed to the fringes.

I'd be happy to have my daughter Rose look at Abi, Gabby, Juliet and Posy as cycling heroes and take inspiration from them. I'm sure her watching me bungle around the yard helps her confidence, but she'd really shine to watching some female examples.

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