Ya Canna' Handa' Man A Betta' Fender

Just a quick update on installing fenders to keep up with the sudden arrival of wet weather in Auckland. I've installed a set of Topeak M1/M2 DeFenders to the front and rear of the trail bike and they have been superb.

They are a nicely manufactured piece of kit, that were easy to install, with just a 4mm allen key. Manufactured in Taiwan from injected nylon, the DeFender range is certainly a step above anything from mainland China, even if the price is a little higher.

Out in the weather they have been superb, in the days before I installed them when the wet weather arrived each ride resulted in me wet, muddy and miserable at the end of the ride. The fenders have kept me a lot drier, and happier.

However once the new fenders were installed the tail light has decided to die, most likely due the the water and muck it swallowed before the fenders were installed. So back to Bike 75 I'll be heading soon.

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