What's Next: A Film By Aaron LaRocque

What's Next is a film featuring some of the young mountain biking talent from Canada showcasing some very slick downhill and freeride action. More importantly, it's a first time effort from director/editor/camera operator Aaron LaRocque and you can see it for free online at Pink Bike.

It's a remarkable 45 minutes of film, shot by Aaron on a single Panasonic HD digital video camera, then edited at home on 20" iMac a testament to what you can do when you set your mind to it. In terms of quality it's not very far off what films made by far more experienced directors turning out a new one each year. As a result of the quality of the film Aaron has been commissioned by RaceFace, Banshee Bikes and Lavan, who were all co-sponsors of What's Next.

There's a great interview with Aaron in the current issue of [R]evolution, so check out your local magazine outlet.

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