Results From Fort William DH

I know these results are everywhere, however I was out of town and have been distracted by other things, so here they are (again):

Mens DH:
Gee Atherton - GBR
Cameron Cole - NZL
Gregg Minnaar - RSA

Womens DH:
Sabrina Jonnier - FRA
Rachel Atherton - GBR
Floriane Pugin - FRA

The New Zealanders at Fort William, Scotland certainly seemed to be punching outside their weight considering the local support for mountain biking, whilst strong in heart, it's a bit lacking in dollars. The funds wasted on a weekend training session for the All Blacks would boost New Zealand based riders budgets by a considerable amount, but that's my axe to grind after working alongside the NZRU a few years back.

Aside from Cam Cole, other results in the Men's event were; Sam Blekinsop 6th, Justin Leov 14th, Wyn Masters 40th. Cam is now 3rd in the overall standings.

It's great work from the guys, however where are the female DH riders from New Zealand?

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