Join World Champ Steve Peat's New Team... Yes I'm Looking At You!

Current UCI World Champion Steve Pat has launched an innovative way to go downhill racing in a professional team if you are not a professional... does that make any sense? For the 2011 UK season Steve has formed a new organisation, called the Steve Peat Syndicate and for a fee you join the team at each event, where you'll have access to mechanics, promotions staff etc.

There are two levels of fee, both include a Santa Cruz V10, Royal and 661 riding kits and all of the professional team assistance at the events. The cost looks to be around GBP5,000 to 5,500 (Approx NZD10,000), with the variance being the build of the bike. As a V10 frame is around the USD5,000 mark, I reckon joining the SPS could be a good bet.

So if you are based in the UK, have a look at the press release below, jump to the website and join, but be quick, their are only 10 spots up for grabs.

Press Release: The Steve Peat Syndicate
The Steve Peat Syndicate is a new concept for downhill mountain bike racers in the UK, headed up by none other than Steve Peat. The SPS is a unique opportunity for riders of all ages to enjoy the very best support, training and equipment aimed at giving you the building blocks you need to take your riding to a higher level.

It’s a buy in team. You purchase a package, which is great value for your money and then you receive a level of support similar to that of a pro team. Your initial purchase of your bike and kit subsidises the costs of running the team.

In 2011, the Steve Peat Syndicate will be taking on 10 riders across all categories, with an aim of improving the teams riding and racing skills to a much higher level. You don’t have to be achieving great results already, you just need an up for it attitude and the work ethic to make the most of your place on the team. There is no guarantee you’re going to be national champion just by buying a package, its still about you as a rider doing all the right things, we’re just here to make it easier and set you on the right course.

Your SPS team mates and support crew will be behind you every step of the way and will work to help you get the most from your racing. We are looking for riders that want to have fun, improve their riding and be part of the SPS family.

You’ll ride the world beating Santa Cruz V10 fitted with the high level components and suspension. You’ll wear custom Royal kit and 661 protective gear. You’ll have someone promoting you and your results to the mountain bike press. In short, you’ll have all the equipment and team support you need to raise your level.

With a pro-level team set up, a great bunch of guys and girls supporting you and to chill with after the racing’s done… SPS can give you one hell of a head start in the world of downhill racing. 

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