Cannondale Invents A New Mountain Bike Category...

So with no further fanfare I'd to introduce the latest category in mountain biking, Over Mountain, courtesy of Cannondale.

Over Mountain, really.... what the fuck have you been imbibing over there at Cannondale head office?

According to the press bumbf, "Not content with the assumed compromises between climbing and descending capabilities that ‘All Mountain’ implies, Cannondale wanted to convey the Jekyll’s abilities by putting it into a category that illustrates what they claim it can do well: Get you over the mountain; from climbing up one side to bombing down the other, and do it all better than any other bike out there"... now that is certainly a throw-down challenge to all the other manufacturers.

If you create a new category, you better be able to back it up with something to fill it and at a recent press conference (email please for next year okay), Cannondale introduced the Jekyll and it's a pretty special bike.

The Jekyll is a long travel bike with an innovative new two chamber rear shock from Fox Racing Shocks. It is a pull-shock, a break from the traditional push shock found on most rear suspension set-ups. The dual chambers mean that one is dedicated to ascending and the other to descending, now that's pretty cool. There is a dedicated remote to change the performance of the shock on the move.

If you have a long memory, you will remember the Jekyll name has been used by Cannondale in the past, but has not been seen since 2002. The 2011 bikes will be available in carbon fibre and alloy models, with corresponding levels of SRAM, Fox and Crank Bros. hardware.

To sum up, it's a great looking bike and I like the ideas they are reaching for with the technology and yes please, I'd love to ride one... but hopefully I'll never hear the term Over Mountain ever again.

Source: Cannondale

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