The Internet vs. The Traditional Media: The Hand Brake Story

On April 1st, Rotorua mountain biker, Kevin Myatt had what can be easily called a very freakish accident whilst riding Dragons Tail in Whakarewarewa.

He had an off on his bike and when he stopped sliding he realised not only had his bike slid along with him, he was now attached to it via the handbrake handle. His brake lever had slid up his arm (slicing it open on the way) and then pierced the skin on his wrist surfacing a few centimetres later, as Kevin puts it, he was now “at one with his bike”.

Whilst Kevin stemmed the blood flow his riding mates called an ambulance and removed the lever from the bike (a Hope if you must know). Kevin was transferred to the hospital where they removed the lever and sewed him back up with 15 stitches. If you want the pictures, in full gore, have a look here.

But what really interests me about the story is that I first saw it on the Spoke blog the day it was posted, April 7th, then later that day on their Facebook page. A day later on several other Facebook pages, where it was posted by local mountain bikers and finally today it made the NZ Herald online and printed editions.

What does this mean? Essentially printed media is history, by the time it's confirmed for print the story has either been published elsewhere, via mobile or online Internet, or the story has evolved. What's also worth noting is that the online version of the NZ Herald seems to deliver news and information designed not to bring readers away from the printed edition too quickly. I have worked in a total online news and information environment and we may have got it wrong sometimes by being too quick off the mark, we would change it as more information came to hand and at the end of the day, we got the story out there first.

Finally Kevin, mate... you are one lucky bastard and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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