Craftworks FRX V2 Revealed

Australian frame and bike manufacturer have released their latest creation, the FRX V2. It's designed to be built up as either light-weight XC / trail bike or even as a 4x racer.

Here are the key features and the company blurb below:
1 1/8 to 1.5 Tapered Headtube - Front end stiffness, bigger fork but low, aggressive stack height
2.2:1 Leverage ratio - improved dampening in middle to end stroke
Maxel 135mm rear axle - Improved stiffness and lighter swingarm for better small bump compliance
New Hollow Core CNC construction - Tuned compliance and resisting flex when you nail the gas

Who said a single pivot design was simple.... ?

From all the hours testing in the saddle we have settled with the single pivot design. With all the crap aside, we believe a correctly executed and setup single pivot design, piloted by an experienced, aggressive rider, is un beatable in simplicity and performance. Sure others will argue about characteristics created by wheel path, isolating braking and chain forces, but this always doesn't translate to measurable increases in performance at the handle bars.

The first thing you will notice about the FRX is stiffness when pedaling hard out of the saddle. This is due to the precisely designed CNC interface of the BB, main pivot and swing arm. Stiffness translates to efficient power transfer and a faster acceleration.

The optimized pivot location provides just the right amount of anti-squat to compliment the stiffness. There are so many bike companies at the moment thinking that the weight game is the only game in town, sacrificing stiffness. Next time you're bouncing on the suspension of a bike on the show room floor do yourself a favor and check how stiff the frame is. Best way to do this is put the chain in the middle in the front and biggest cog at the back then push really hard down on the RH crank. Watch the different amounts of flex through the BB and swingarm on different bikes. Notice that there is no flex through the pedals on the FRX.....

The flowing lines of the semi monocoque swingarm are not just for looks, but rather creating precise flex curves from front to back. The unique CNC construction achieves balance of stiffness for power transfer and lateral compliance for mid corner stability. Tuned lateral compliance is most noticeable deep in off camber, rutty turns with increased traction. This all translates to faster cornering speeds.

The shape of the swing arm yoke also allows for lower effective un-sprung mass for better suspension compliance. The central weight distribution gives a very neutral feel, noticed as soon as the wheels the leave the ground.

The organic, flowing look is also continued though to the light weight, hollow core dropouts. The Geometry is suited to the experienced rider, balancing XC with aggressive trail attributes - low XC stance for railing single track balanced with stability for when things get fast and technical.

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