2011 Avid CODE And CODE R Brakes

Avid have given their CODE brake-sets a re-fresh for the 2011 models.

The CODE and CODE R have seen the hard long days in the park and been developed into one of the must have products in this seemingly never stopping roller coaster called the bike park. With the new updates you can expect these to be the new benchmarks in Freeride and DH.
CODE - 2011 Model Details:
For 2011 Avid have taken the current code and updated it with TaperBore Technology and put it on a diet. You can expect the same performance and reliability from CODE, but packaged at 410grams, it’s the same weight as the original AVID Juicy!

This full-featured brake is more powerful, more controllable and lighter! Avid see these benefits come to life through two new features of the brake. The first being, the addition of TaperBore and the second being the all new forged, dual diameter, four piston caliper.

TaperBore is a unique patented hydraulic closure system that allows for lighter lever travel through the stroke of the lever while moving more fluid than a traditional timing port. With the additional benefit of allowing the rider greater control of a more powerful brake system.

What’s New:

All new forged dual diameter, 4 piston caliper
Forged TaperBore master cylinder with in-line tools free contact adjustment
Tools Free reach adjustment
Top Loading pads

Low lever friction – 3 cartridge bearings in lever pivot
Two-piece lever blade with break away cam
Four piston/two piece caliper
Center mount adjustable Banjo
Power Reserve Geometry
Deep Stroke Modulation
MatchMaker Compatible
Weight 410g (front post mount: 160mm rotor)

CODE R 2011 Model Details:
In the CODE family Avid have always offered a little brother to complement the full-featured brake that has set the benchmark in Free ride and DH. This year is no different; Code R has been updated to compliment his older brother.

This brake has been optimized for a great price to performance ratio with out compromise to control and feel. We started with the new forged dual diameter, 4 piston caliper and matched it with some existing lever technology to create a very affordable park ready brake.

What’s New:

All new forged dual diameter, 4 piston caliper

TaperBore master cylinder
Tools Free reach adjustment
Top Loading pads
395g (front post mount 160mm rotor)

Source: SRAM

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