What Brought Me Here Today

I love the Internet, in the short space of time it's taken for the sun to set and my cup of tea go cold I have managed to find pictures of mountain bikes I have owned.

Firstly in 1992, there was a red and black striped Diamondback Apex. It looked great, but it was a large frame and way too big for me. I was always just a bit scared it was about to throw me off on descents. The bike hung around for a couple of years and got ridden all around Auckland.

The next bike was a 1996 Trek 7000, this time I was a lot more insistent at the point of purchase and got a frame to suit my height. This was a sweet bike, handled really well and I was doing a lot of early morning road riding on it, however the call of overseas travel was too great, so it was with me for a very short time only.

Then a big break until 2003 when I got a Mongoose Rockadile AL, again I fell for the salespersons patter and rode away on a frame that was really too big. I had it set up with slicks to use for commuting, but after a nasty road rage encounter the 'Goose was placed under the house and not seen again for 18 months when it went straight on to Trade Me.

So why the big break until late 2008 for a new bike?

Well I guess it was a combination of lost nerves after the road rage incident, having children, shifting house a couple of times and then shifting country as well and finally not really having a place to ride... I'm not really offering them up as a list of excuses, just a list of some reasonable explanations.

Moving to the Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) was really what brought back the desire for me, there was a national park, larger than Wales just outside my front door and I was allowed to ride a bike pretty much where I liked. Also I did not have to ride very far on the road. I love mountain biking, but I'm shit scared of riding anywhere near cars, trucks etc. The sense of my own mortality is just way to close when a vehicle that outweighs me by so many times goes rushing by just by less than the width of a gnats sphincter.


My Diamond Back Apex was identical to this, except a pair of Onza bar extensions... which in hindsight were awful and caused me no end of worries.


My Trek was the same colour, but no bar extensions and I'm not 100% if the front forks were solid or a pair of Rock Shox... sorry it was a long time ago.

My 'Goose was a similar colour scheme, but it was the straight AL model, without the cable disc brakes and some skinny cheap 2" slicks.

Images and information on the specific bikes courtesy of www.bikepedia.com.

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