A History Lesson

I found this great book at the local library, Fat Tire: A Celebration of the Mountain Bike, published in the US in 1999, by a design company based in Marin County, California.

I grabbed it on a whim as I was leaving and I'm sure glad I did, the cover is a bit of a novelty with a faux mountain bike tire on the cover molded in rubber of some sort. When I got home though I was really impressed, the foreward is by Joe Breeze and essentially between the covers is the history of mountain biking in the US up to 1999.

From clunkers to dual suspension bikes this book has it all, including some  names from the early days of mountain biking including, Gary Fisher, Mike Sinyard, Tom Ritchey, Jacquie Phelan (aka Alice B Toeclips), Paola Pezzo Susan Dematti and many more. It's a bit US skewed on riders from the early years and not so many European riders, let alone New Zealand and Australia.

There's some great photo's of clunkers heading down the fire roads in California, a fantastic photo of the founders of Shimano from 1921, and downhill racers wearing lycra which would embarrass a road cyclist today!

If you have some interest in the history of mountain biking, please try to track a copy down, but be warned, it's hard to come by. I'd suggest trying Book Depository or Amazon.

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