Justin Leov Joins The Canyon Factory Enduro Team For 2016

Justin Leov Joins The Canyon Factory Enduro Team For 2016

The Canyon Factory Enduro Team have announced that New Zealand rider Justin Leov will complete the team’s 2016 roster. Justin will join Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma and Ludo May riding the new Canyon Strive enduro bike. Together, the team will compete in the Enduro World Series as they set out to defend their team title from last season. As one of New Zealand’s fastest, Justin will be one of the favourites for individual wins and the series overall this year.

Here's some of Justin's thoughts as he builds up to a big 2016 enduro season:

It’s great to have you on board. What do you expect from your new team?
The atmosphere where we can have fun and win races! That statement is true but really it's the chance to work with the team and achieve my goals and help my team mates achieve theirs. I'm really happy to be given the opportunity to come to Canyon and to be around such passionate people. The presence they have at the EWS shows they are really into enduro. That’s what I'm about too.

Have you met your new teammates yet?
Yeah I know them from racing but have never spent much time hanging out or riding together yet. I'm looking forward to that this year. Typically, I stay in my team bubble around the races so I look forward to being able to ride and help the other teammates if they need it.

How are you getting on with your new Strive?
I frigging love my bike! The Strive gets me excited every time I ride it. It's such a beast in DH mode, eats up the trail and sits just right but I love that I can climb the thing without that sacked out feeling you usually get from an aggressive 160 mm bike.

What does the average day hold for Justin Leov right now?
Recovering from my shoulder surgery has been my number one focus together with building up my fitness again. I’m in the gym a lot and on the turbo mainly, especially after my operation. I am super stoked that now I have been given the green light to get back on the bike as of January, so now it's time to get back up to speed.

You raced DH World Cup for years and now you’re one of the top enduro riders on the circuit, how do you explain your success?
New Zealand is a power house of downhill talent right now. Making the switch to enduro has been finding my calling though. I feel a lot more suited to this discipline than what I did in downhill.  Every weekend I’m aiming to be up there, I just want to race and know I’ve pushed so hard that there was nothing more I could give. When you cross a finish line and you can’t hear or hardly see anymore because you’ve given so much, that’s what I live for.

Image: Sven Martin for Canyon Bicycles
Text: Blurred / Canyon Bicycles media release

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