DirtTV Beyond The Bike Ep12: Graham Agassiz

DirtTV Beyond The Bike Ep12: Graham Agassiz

You can often tell a lot from a sport by who participates in it... actually, that's not quite what I was going for... I think it's that you can tell a lot from a sport by how it embraces those who turn up and want to have a go... and let's be honest, if 'Aggy' rolled up to the start line of a crit (which I believe is a road cycling term... though lets be honest between you and me, I have no bloody idea), he'd be moved on... if he turned up at an enduro race, he get the welcome nod and be included.

Graham Agssiz is a Kamloops, British Columbia native and growing up in a region that's always been associated with riding, it's hardly surprising he gravitated to BMX and mountain biking... though it's always been on his terms, even if sometimes they don't always meld with others.

In taking things on his terms, it's not driven by ego, but rather his own sense of what's important, not what's in the rule book. The important is to ride, which is great because you have to admit, a man who can defines his attempt at securing a Rampage victory as,  “Fuck. I just really want to get it, but at the end of the day I still did what I wanted to do,” he says. “I’d really love to stand on top of that podium one day. I’ve come close. I can’t imagine what winning finals would be like.” 

That deep desire and love of riding is surely why Aggy is someone you'd always welcome.

Image: Paris Gore for Dirt Mountain Bike
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