2015 Lourdes UCI World Cup Downhill: Qualifying Teaser

The first event of any race season is always viewed through the lens of 'well we have been a break... so it'll just go easy to kick off'... bit not so much this year. Completion of the 2014 season was celebrated and quickly for so many it's been focusing on training, locating to warmer climes and being determined to be on form as soon as qualifying opens.

Pushing through at Lourdes 2015 UCI Downhill World Cup finds Tracey Hannah just ahead of Myriam Nicole and Emmeline Ragot in the womens elite. Meanwhile Loic Bruni is ahead of Remy Thirion and Josh Bryceland... yes Ratboy is in contention first major race of the year.

For the full 2015 Lourdes UCI World Cup Downhill qualifying results go here

Source: Red Bull

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