DirtTV Beyond The Bike Ep9: Steve Smith

DirtTV Beyond The Bike Ep9: Steve Smith

Born to ride... fuck I hate that hackneyed phrase... it's over use by commentators in sporting events, post event reporting in news and magazines and cast across far too many t-shirts and jackets... it's such a load of utter-fuckin' nonsense.

Nobody is born to ride, though we can come to find it expresses an important part of our life, whether we have the talent become a World Champion, Olympian or just back from the local shops without trauma, in many cases we can love (or even live) to ride.

It becomes apparent from the first time you meet him, that Steve Smith loves to ride and from the story told by his mother it's been that way since he was 2 years old, eschewing training wheels for speed and thrills.

His love of riding has enabled him to live through riding, becoming a professional mountain bike rider as he's scaled to the heights of securing the 2013 UCI World Championship Downhill and placing himself into a envious position for 2014... however an accident in New Zealand resulted in a broken ankle and missing most the season.

However the accident has not left him disconnected, instead he's focused on recovery and remain connected with his team Devinci Global Racing and his friends (I can't call them fans or followers... that's too much of a disservice to Steve and how he interacts with everyone), and shifting his focus to the 2015 season.

Stevie Smith Beyond The Bike Ep9

DirtTV Beyond The Bike featuring Steve Smith

Source: DirtTV

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