DirtTV Beyond The Bike Ep8: Cam Zink

DirtTV Beyond The Bike Ep8: Cam Zink

Can you trace back to that moment in life when you identified part of yourself that would always be associated with a bicycle... was it yours, a friends, brand new or just new to you?

Have you shared that moment with anyone else?

Maybe hearing from Cam Zink, in the latest episode of Beyond The Bike, will help you find that moment and be able to share it?

Cam Zink is often presented either defying gravity upon his bike, often a figure in the distance, or very intimately (though disembodied) via an action camera attached to his body, or bike... neither of them are hardly a good way to get some insight into what makes him tick, as a rider, as a competitor, a designer and a family man.

Source: DirtTV

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