2014 Cairns UCI World Cup Downhill: Results

The rain came through on Friday and whilst it did not destroy the track, it certainly made for testing practice and qualifying sessions.

For race day, the rain kept away, however the Cairns track was a combination of slick, sticky and now guaranteed to be unforgiving to riders (and in many cases unpredictable as well).

Two riders dominated, Manon Carpenter and Rachel Atherton, their superiority over the field was almost spooky:

Rachel Atherton - GBR
Manon Carpenter - GBR
Myriam Nicole - FRA

It felt like half the field were crashing at some stage of the course, so staying on the bike could propel a rider into the hot seat. Hotly favoured local riders Mick Hannah and Sam Hill pushed hard, but it was British riders that seemed to be finding the most consistent form (and luck).

Gee Atherton - GRB
Josh Brycland - GBR
Neko Mulally - USA

My performance pick would be Steve Peats 2nd run.. yes he had to do it twice after an on course incident. He may have only briefly occupied the podium... but shit, the dude competed at Cairns the last time it hosted a UCI Downhill  event, 18 years ago!

Source: Dirt Magazine

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