Manon Carpenter Wins UCI Junior Womens Downhill

British (sic. Welsh) rider Manon Carpenter struggled in the World Cup this year, but come Champery, Switzerland she has brought it home. Overnight she has claimed the 2011 UCI Junior Womens Downhill title.

  1. Manon Carpenter - GBR
  2. Agnest Delest - FRA
  3. Lauren Rosser - CAN
  4. Sandra Reynier - FRA
  5. Sarah Atkin - NZL
  6. Veronique Sandler - NZL
  7. Lea Forton - FRA
  8. Sophiemarie Bethel - NZL
  9. Madeline Taylor - NZL
Manon secured her victory with by 14 seconds!

New Zealand riders, secured almost 50% of the top ten... brilliant!

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