Emmeline Ragot Wins UCI Womens Downhill

Emmeline Ragot, of France has secured the 2011 the UCI Womens Downhill title, Champery, Switzerland from Rachel Atherton and Claire Buchar.

    1.    Emmeline Ragot - FRA
    2.    Rachel Atherton - GBR
    3.    Claire Buchar - CAN
    4.    Nicole Mitriam - FRA
    5.    Sabrina Jonnier- FRA
    6.    Mio Suemasa - JPN
    7.    Luke Stevens - CAN
    8.    Petra Bernhard - AUT
    9.    Emillie Siegenthaler - SUI
    10.  Tracey Moseley - GBR

New Zealand rider Amy Laird secured a solid 19th place. I'm sure in time some of our Junior riders will move into the elite category.

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