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/dis ' r^p{n/

Okay… I've had enough of this endless fuckin' bullshit about companies that have shaped the world we live in now because of their tactic of 'disruption'… if you believe any of these memes you are a total wank-stain…

Wake up sheeple… here's the truth

Netflix became the dominant player in the DVD by post business because people are essentially lazy fucks. They only moved the business to digital streaming because the cost of the technology to host and stream content had fallen enough and improved enough in quality to make it simple enough for the cock-wombles at home to use

Uber became the dominant player in ride sharing because they gave no-shits about any other human being, from the drivers who have to sleep in cars, to the passengers who are assaulted… Uber won the game because they are awful

Amazon became the dominant player because they kept plugging profits back into the company, to buy more stock, to invest in more warehouses, improving their digital tech and also allowing and encouraging other companies to use their store front… their UI/UX was and is still pretty fucking shitty…

Tesla is not disruptive... they have just resurrected an idea for personal transport that is almost  well over 100 years old... an electric personal vehicle... they were all the rage as the 19th Century rolled into the 20th Century...

I could go on and break down pretty much every other 'disruptive' company, from Apple to Facebook… but essentially no-one set out to be disruptive, they all set out to create a viable business. Some of them have had moments of innovation, but not a single one has developed without competitors who have come and gone.

For each of these industry dominating behemoths, there were several competitors, some lost the bottle, some lost the line of credit, some were just not fucking awful enough…

Wake the fuck-up and stop sharing this pointless fucking meme… focus on your own company, or employer… go do some actual customer research… with 'your customers'… try things, break things, get into a argument with your manager… but… don’t be awful

Please treat your co-workers, employees, customers, suppliers, bankers, lawyers, accountants, investors, friends and family with the whole-hearted respect they deserve… because life is here to enjoy.

Note: A condensed version of this was first published on LinkedIn

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Life's, what you, make it!

Judging by feedback on my recent post on LinkedIn about #Mercedes-Benz (which has been a mixed bag), and their shitty creative, I'm going to share my thoughts on a piece of what I believe to be some fuckin' outstanding creative.

It was a piece of work that defined a brand, captured a new way of interacting with the world and set in track ideas and emotions that have no doubt led to great things being realised over the last couple of decades.

The work was to define the #brand for fledgling #ISP and #onlineportal #XtraMSN back in 2001 to 2003. XtraMSN was the ISP arm of Telecom New Zealand (now Spark New Zealand), to encourage customers to migrate from dial-up Internet access (#rememberthatshit) to #ADSL #broadband Internet access.

What the agency (Saatchi & Saatchi) did was match the connectivity, capability and imagination that 'high-speed' Internet access could bring to peoples lives. They included strong New Zealand focused imagery and tied to the Talk Talk song, Life's What You Make It. What they created was a #story that was so successful the XtraMSN brand became stronger than the parent company brand and almost two decades on, that imagery is still strong with many New Zealanders.

In may ways stronger than anything done since by the company, as it still has a strong recall when you bring it up in conversation with people.

Why was it so fucking good!

It sparked peoples imagination

It was inclusive

It had wondrous production quality

It felt good

It told a great story

And you can relive it here...

So, now I'm going to throw down a challenge... if you are someone connected in any way, shape of form being tasked with delivering creative for your employer, your company, your client... please ask yourself, is what I'm doing going to be fucking good, because if it's not going to spark imagination, wonder, be inclusive and tell a good story, then ask yourself... why not?

'Cause.... and you know it's coming... Life's What You Make It

Image: XtraMSN / Telecom NZ / Spark New Zealand
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Video: XtraMSN / Telecom NZ / Spark New Zealand

Hey, Mercedes Benz... We Need To Have A Chat

Hey, Mercedes Benz... We Need To Talk

This is image is being used in a promotion by MercedesBenzGleich in New Zealand... and I'll be honest I find it's disturbing me. That when I see it across various websites and social media it just makes my skin crawl.

#MercedesBenz as a father to a daughter, I don't think it's acceptable to use an image like this to sell a car. There's so many things wrong with this where do I start?

1. The retail price of the car (starting at just under NZD $50k) does not fit with the age of the young women in the picture - in fact a lot young women her age in New Zealand would already have near to a $50k debt for tertiary education
2. If you are implying that to 'acquire' a young women, such as her, you need to get her or yourself at $50k car... then there's something seriously wrong with that kind of messaging
3. Then there is the pose of the model.. I'm going to be blunt, it's deliberately, openly sexual... and if you deny it, then I can give you a serious 101 lecture on sexual photography types... it's just not acceptable

Seriously @MercedesBenzNZ get your shit together... this is 2017, not 1977

PS: I'd be really happy if you want to contact me about this and have a chat.

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Comic Book Publishing Alive And Well In Philadelphia

It's a rare thing to here in the last couple of decades… someone opening a new comic book store.

In Auckland, before the twentieth century rolled over, we used to have at least one store per point on the compass and several in the CBD… and the greater city population was less than 1.2 million. Now as we slide toward the end of the second decade in the twenty first century, the city is now pushed past 1.4 million citizens and we have two dedicated comic book stores across the greater city… and that's just fuckin' sad.

It's a sign that comic books, as we have known them have declined, that 30 to 40 odd page comic is just not popular to purchase anymore.

But it's not all doom and gloom, the number of people interested in graphic art has increased. The big changes have been in channels or purchase, product type and a growth in libraries stocking more graphic novels, collected editions and of course, self-publishing in digital forms.

Which brings us to celebrating and acknowledging the efforts of Ariell Johnson, the owner and operator of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Kensington, Philadelphia, USA, who made history when she opened her store. She was the first black women to open a comic book store on the East Coast in 2015.

Ariell is now taking another big step, having secured a $50,000 (USD) grant from the Knight Foundation, with her winning proposal  - "Up, Up and Away: Building a Programming Space at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse,” she  laid out her vision for Amalgam’s future as a place where creators interested in breaking into the comics industry could hone their craft.

Amalgam is already stocking self-published comics and Ariell explains that she sees lots of owner-creator titles that are not quite ready to be sold commercially, and the funding will enable her to create and run, Amalgam University, a program that  will focus on helping new creators take their work to the next level.

"Often, the ideas are there, but they haven’t studied the craft,” Johnson explained. “It’s a comic book, but it’s also literature. Just like there are good writers of literature, there are good writers and illustrators of comic books.” As part of her new initiative, Johnson also plans to expand Amalgam’s physical space to better accommodate events and workshops within the store.

So despite the decline in comic book retail spaces in my city, it's heartening to see new things happening in other parts of the world.

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Image: Philly.com

#givenothingtoracism with Taika Waititi

"Racial intolerance is getting worse in New Zealand but most of those targeted suffer in silence", Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy says.

In response, the Human Rights Commission today launched a new campaign, fronted by actor and director Taika Waititi... so watch, enjoy and give nothing to racism... go on, we dare ya'


Video: NZ Human Rights
Image: NZ Human Rights
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